Operating Hours


*Monday 2pm - 10pm

*Tuesday 2pm - 10pm

*Wednesday 2pm - 10pm

*Thursday 10am - 10pm

*Friday 10am - 10pm

*Saturday 10am - 9:30pm (notification for live weekend events will be posted also.)

*Sunday 12pm - 9:30pm (notification for live weekend reading events will be posted also.)

* Pending availability, one weekend of every month, will be set aside for Live Readings and Healings, within the Auckland Region, Booking times are essential to being seen.

During these events the line will be closed, re-opening after 7pm.

Live Readings/Healings can be organised between 11am - 2pm Thursday - Friday.

To make a booking, contact Nalini pentaclesmail@xtra.co.nz

Situated in Kaikohe Northland


For enquiries for personal readings please contact the office on 021 2678 124. Also email readings are available for those who would prefer it $40.00

How to Get the Best From your 0900 Reading:
It is important to establish a dialogue between the reader and the caller. The only thing between you is the energy created by your voice and even a few words will help the reader to pick up on your energy. The very best readings come from a connection between the caller and the reader.
Please allow some time for your reading to happen.

The roster is printed on the website www.pentacles.co.nz But should there be any unforseen change, it is possible another reader may answer your call.

If you have a particular question, please tell your reader at the beginning. We want to give you value for your money. Keep a pen and paper by the phone and write down as much as you can remember before the message fades.